Improve your performance through better quality conversations

Create a more positive workplace culture and regain time to lead by simply having better quality conversations.

✔ Quality conversations

✔ Better relationships

✔ Improved performance

Canny Conversations Coaching

Have you noticed…


… hours wasted having the same conversation over and over?

… a feeling of low productivity?

… the ‘real’ conversations happening after the meeting has ended?

… people reluctant to speak up if they disagree?

… everyone saying how well they get on with each other?

You could be experiencing ‘pleasanteeism’ in your workplace!

This pressure to put on a brave face could be undermining any effort to create an open dialogue about issues that you and your people are facing in the workplace.

Helping you to have better quality conversations

These are just a few of the ways I could help you improve performance through better quality conversations.


Bespoke training and development programmes designed to fit your needs. 

Can include things like:

  • management or leadership development
  • handling difficult conversations (e.g. feedback, performance or conflict)
  • speaking with confidence.


Ideal when you need to navigate an important conversation towards a specific goal or outcome.  

Can include things like:

  • strategy away days
  • team building sessions / away days
  • bringing a client and their supplier together to discuss contract changes
  • Board-level workshops.

One-to-one support

One-to-one support can be perfect if you need external, independent, expert help.

Can include things like:

  • coaching programmes
  • consultancy or business advice
  • bespoke training and development (perfect if you have a development need and don’t want to go on a course!)


Sometimes workplace relationships need a third-party mediator to help to work things through.

My approach focuses on conflict resolution and relationship repair in a way that is a win-win for all. 

I have worked with individuals, pairs and teams to help them listen to each other, open up to each other and find a way to move forward. 

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion”
– Dale Carnegie

How it works

1. Needs assessment

Our initial conversation will allow us to assess the challenges you or your organisation may be facing (or identify where you’d like to prevent problems occuring e.g. during organisational change).

2. Recommend solution

After understanding the challenges you’re facing, we will recommend a solution that takes into account your budget, timescales and leadership involvement.

3. Better conversations

Elaine will personally design and deliver her recommendations – whether that be facilitation, training or one-to-one support – opening up the possibilities of better communication in your organisation.

You are one conversation away…

Elaine Warwicker has experienced the effects of organisational culture and the quality of communication on business performance – both good and bad. 

With over 20 years of client-side experience in organisations like Chelsea Building Society, Ecotricity and Bristol Energy, Elaine has managed teams, stakeholders and shareholders at scale.  She has worked with the good, the bad and the ugly of communicators! 

So, in 2019, Elaine set up Canny Conversations to help improve organisations, leaders and teams through better quality conversations. 

Elaine is accredited in Workplace Mediation, First Aid for Mental Health, Everything DiSC® psychometric profiling and was the first person to be accredited to run the Diary Detox® – the innovative productivity and well-being habit. 

“Elaine designed and developed an Away Day for our board and senior team which challenged us to think more about our roles as leaders, to invest more in our relationships with each other and to reassess our impact on the wider team.

Elaine is an extremely engaging facilitator – and the pace of the sessions, the whole day and breadth of content was absolutely spot on.”

 – Nick Woodrow, Thinkproject UK

“Elaine’s approach, which is all about each of us managing our own behaviours and communication, and being aware of the impact we can have on others, has been incredibly effective.

Everyone (manager or leader) in an organisation – at whatever level – can benefit hugely from Elaine’s thoughtful and challenging training.

 – Sandy Luk, Chief Executive, Marine Conservation Society

We have worked with a number of organisations over the years to support leadership development, but rarely do we get such consistent and positive feedback from staff on our programmes as we receive about Elaine.”

 – Matthew Burgess, Principal, Gloucestershire College

“Elaine supported me to approach a conundrum from a totally different perspective.

At times the journey was not an easy one for me, but throughout Elaine listened to my ramblings, coached/ reassured, challenged my thinking and guided me to much better quality conversations with impact.”

 – JT, Director

Stop having conversations that don’t move the business forward.

My promises to you:

  • We will work together in a collaborative and supportive way.
  • It will never be as bad as you think.
  • You won’t have to say anything you don’t want to.
  • I am always on your side.

If you let your relationships get past the point of rescue, your environment will become toxic and demotivating.

My approach is simple:

If you participate, you will get results.

Success is a choice…

You can choose to be

a less effective leader: 

Frustrated and overwhelmed from refereeing and negotiating with your people and focusing on short-term solutions. 

Or you can take one step to becoming a highly effective leader: 

Self-aware of your role in your relationships and how you can improve your business through better conversations.

Better conversations, better relationships, better business.

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